Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Our renters had their baby a couple of months ago. We are still doing things at a snails pace piece-meal as they need taken care of. Our latest "renovation" was for the HVAC which gave-out as they say in the South. The unit was an air-handler/compressor outdoor unit first installed in 1988. Thank goodness for our home-warranty plan, as it saved us about $4000.

Our new unit is a Goodman and will surely save on $$$$ and save the environment as it is Freon-Free.

**** 6/3/2011... we replaced older duct work under the house to upgrade the duct work for the new HVAC.


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  2. Hi Sharon,

    This is Carrie. I live next door to your house in Conway. I have so enjoyed reading your blog and the history of this house. Come to find out, the prior occupants of the house are distant relatives of my mother's family! Her maiden name is Causey...
    Anyway, I had spoken with Melissa and she had indicated to me that she had briefly spoken with you regarding what you are doing with the house when they leave at the end of the summer. If at all possible, I would LOVE to speak to you about the possibility of renting the house when they leave. I would be very interested in a long term lease, at least 2 years, if possible. I promise to take care of and love the house as if it were mine. I love Conway and I love these older houses that have so much character and "soul". I too, aspire to one day purchase and renovate one of these homes to raise my children in this beautiful small town. You can reach me at 843-995-1495 or by e-mail at queencarrie11@hotmail.com. Thanks so very much, and I anticipate hearing from you.
    Warmest regards...

  3. First installed in 1988?! Wow, I think that was a pretty resilient unit - it even lasted for 23 years! I think you made a good decision in choosing your new AC unit if it can help you save cash and help the environment. Just don’t forget to do some routine cleaning and maintenance so you can enjoy another two decades of good AC performance.

    Georgia Fuller

  4. Well, it’s great to know that you’re not just buying an AC unit for your own benefit but that you think of the environment as well speaks volumes about who you are as a consumer. Others who are planning to purchase their own ACs must follow your footsteps in choosing the right one for them. There are a lot of air conditioner these days that are environmentally friendly. We must go for those units! :D

    Darryl Iorio

  5. I agree with you, Daryl. Aside from being environmentally friendly, you should also pick an energy efficient AC. You can have an awesome AC without having to spend that much on your electric bill. You should keep a lookout for those energy star stickers on it to make sure that it has great air quality and will help you save energy.

    Launce Newlove

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