Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Discovering Conway

On Wednesday, November 18, 2009, on a road trip back from Charleston, we trekked up the SC coast along Hwy 17N. We stopped and spent the night in Georgetown. Georgetown is an interesting place with its very cool Spanish moss draped live-oak trees on wide clean streets decorated with Antebellum and Victorian era mansions. However, when you first enter the city you cannot help but notice the abandoned steel mill on the right and the billowing smoke stacks from the paper mill on the left. Hummm? While I know Americans need industry, the industry appearance and the antebellum historical facade make poor bedfellows. That appearance detracts from the city and the fact that the steel mill is closed down plays havoc with the economy of the city. I suggest Georgetown hire some really innovative city planners.

The following day we passed through Litchfield and Murrells Inlet. Skipping Myrtle Beach as quick as possible and headed westward towards Conway. I wanted to visit the historic downtown district of Conway and had to convince my husband it was a worthwhile endeavour. I had heard some good things about Conway from Jim Roberson who grew up there. Jim is a friend of mine and Respiratory Therapist from MUSC. To our utter amazement and pleasant surprise, we discovered a little gem in that well thought out revitalized river town! The Waccamaw River Walk park was very nice and relaxing. We stopped by for drinks at Bernie's on the main drag and took in the Visitors Center & Live Theater building. This is a place that really caught our interest and we vowed to return.